Artist Statement

I started life as Jeffrey Robert Stonehouse before being adopted at six
days old. As a consequence, considerations of identity, history and
spirituality have long been my preoccupation and the driving force behind
my art. Much of my work explores historical and contemporary culture
through the use of humour, stereotypes, traits and artefacts. As a man with
an unspecified cultural heritage, I feel some latitude to stake a
tentative, probing claim, if not to a specific cultural group, then to a
generalised Canadian past. My practice focuses on encaustic painting and
assemblage, which I build from objects and materials that I’ve collected,
scavenged and sometimes aged. The worn, the broken, the lost and the found
draw into focus a time very different from our own. As artefacts of another
era, they are witnesses to the people, the travails and the injustices that
much of my work addresses.