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G.A.C. Artist Video Vignettes

These one minute videos were produced in late September in association with the Gabriola Arts Council and aim to give people a short sneak peek into the studios and characters of local Gabriolan artists. This is a video playlist of 19 individual one minute videos, which will play sequentially after the first video is played. …

G.A.C. Artworks Video

This short video featuring Kathy Ramsey and Gabriola Artworks was shot and edited in mid September of 2012 as part of a series of short videos commissioned by the Gabriola Arts Council for the annual Studio Tour.

G.A.C. Artist Demo

THE PROJECT This is a pitch video shot and edited on September 3, 2012 created to demonstrate the concept of one-minute artist videos for Gabriola Arts Council members. Usage would be primarily for the Gabriola Studio Tour, but also as a permanent interactive component of the website (with the Studio Tour graphics removed). This will …